Slanted Magazine is published by Rob Lawson and Lawson Media and Publishing.
What is SLANTED?
Slanted is the premier guide to arts and culture in southern Minnesota. Slanted is free and distributes across southcentral Minnesota.
Our content encompasses music, film, dining, threatre, dance, books, comedy, children’s acivities, health, relationships, sports, technology, literature, philosophy, nightlife, people in the community and community events.

Where is SLANTED?
Slanted is distributed to communities in southern Minnesota including Mankato, North Mankato, St. Peter, New Ulm, Waseca, Owatonna, Mapleton, Amboy, Lake Crystal, Vernon Center, Good Thunder and Eagle Lake in more than 400 strategic locations. You will find Slanted in waiting rooms of doctors and dentists’ offices, law firms, salons, insurance agencies, auto businesses, hotels, banks, bars, restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, spas, recreation centers, gyms and other locations (See distribution map on back page for more details).

Staff: A group of individuals committed to community, infused with energy and enthusiasm for art, culture, events, music, food and BIG IDEAS. Slanted is joining forces with some of the leaders of entertainment in the Midwest. Dedicated to bringing our readers and advertisers comprehensive entertainment and arts information, we are working with local talent at every level, allowing Slanted to cover the full gamut of southern Minnesota entertainment and beyond.
Readership: More than 30,000 readers aged 18-55, who visit spas, theatres, community events, concerts, dance performances and health clubs. Our readers enjoy sports, dining out, leisure activitie, reading, shopping and the Internet.
Advertisers: All businesses and organizations interested in reaching the highest spending consumer demographic in the region. Businesses who are interested in a proven and effective marketing strategy that provides 30 days of advertising at an affordable price.

Blue Earth is the youngest county in the state and its core demographic is age 27.2. Slanted is advertised on local radio stations, sponsors weekly events and hosts its own community event each month. Created with energy that only Slanted marketing and multimedia staff can provide, Slanted will hit more people for the dollar than any other print media, creating vitality in the community.