Music from All Corners: Hemid Punk from Azerbaijan

Hip hop can be found everywhere in the world. A far shot from its roots in NYC America, it has even found its way to Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Word. Here is a playlist set from Hemid Punk, hailing from Azerbaijan.


View of the Crowd at Soundset Festival in Shakopee Tonight Tweeted by !ntell!gent Des!gn

Richard Dawkins to Bring his Godlessness Science to Rochester

Richard Dawkins, outspoken critic of religion (of which he considers to be fantasy) and somewhat respected scientist, will be appearing at the Rochester Mayo Civic Center this summer. Dawkins has produced documentaries and spoken and written countless times about his opinion that God is a delusion and religion is dangerous to humanity. He obviously has fierce critics within the church but it doesn't appear as though there will be rallies, protests or good old fashioned mobs with torches and pitchforks, but who knows? Maybe Dawkins will get them fired up and thirsty for atheist blood.

Independent World Films at Owatonna Library: For a Woman

For a Woman

For a Woman is an engrossing French film distributed in the U.S. by Film Movement, a company which provides award-winning, first run, independent and foreign films from top festivals around the world.


Immigrant Art Open House

Hmong Story Quilt

The Freeborn County Arts Initiative, 224 S. Broadway Ave., Albert Lea, MN, will hold their Immigrant Art Open House on May 9th from 1-4 p.m. The show will run May 5th-June 28, 2015.

Items on display include two Hmong story quilts - one in Hmong and one in English, handmade pinatas, fine art and sculpture and other items on display - plus a few surprises according to sources.


In Memory of Wes Schuck: A Family Man, Mentor and Enthusiastic Dreamer

Wes Schuck was a dear friend and mentor. The publisher of Slanted Magazine SMAC owes much credit to Schuck. The original plan was to revive Static Magazine, but Wes became ill with cancer and wanted to move ahead with his dream of producing films. Slanted Mag is truly grateful to have evolved the magazine from the direction and vision that Schuck had as a young man living in Mankato and operating Two Fish Studios, a recording studio business. Schuck lived a full life, promoting music and later working on independent film projects.


Baltimore Most Recent in a Series of Events Inspiring Protest Across the Nation

It could be safe to say that things are turning around very (too) slowly in terms of police brutality and the actions by municipal courts, prosecutors and district attorneys in response to those deadly actions by officers perpetrated on young men, many African American boys and young adults and other minority groups. The Freddy Gray case, in which a young 21-year-old black man died as the result of a broken neck while in police custody, is the latest in efforts at actual adverse action being taken against police officers.


End of Vita.Mn Magazine? Yes and the Star Tribune Buys City Pages

Yes it has been confirmed everyone. Vita.Mn, the Minneapolis arts and entertainment publication and competitor to rival City Pages, called it quits today. Here's the kicker: they actually bought City Pages! That's right. If you can't beat them then join them as the old saying goes. The historic City Pages magazine was previously owned by parent company, Village Voice Media from NYC, home of the heralded New York Village Voice magazine.

CityArt Walking Sculpture Tour Prepares for 31 New Sculptures

CityArt Walking Sculpture Tour

31 new sculptures to be installed May 16

MANKATO, Minn.— The CityArt Walking Sculpture Tour will be welcoming thirty-one new sculptures on Saturday, May 16 into the City Centers of Mankato and North Mankato for its fifth public art installation. The program will feature stunning works of art created by renowned artists from ten different states in the U.S., two foreign countries and many pieces by Minnesota artists.


Song of the Week: California by Good Night Gold Dust

This week's Song of the Week is California by Good Night Gold Dust, of Mankato.