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Indie World Film at Owatonna Library: Still Mine

Still Mine

Former Oscar nominees James Cromwell and Genevieve Bujold star in Still Mine, a tender love story based on actual events that proves love is the ultimate triumph. "We're still here, we have each other and isn't everything else a bonus?" Craig and his wife Irene are in their 80's and beginning to feel it. Craig is being hit with new regulations on his farm and is unable to adapt as fast as he needs to. Irene is beginning to show signs of dementia and, rather than admit they need to enter a home, Craig decides to build a smaller, more manageable house on their land.


Wild rice harvesting season opens Aug. 15; most areas not yet ready

Minnesota’s wild rice harvesting season is open from Friday, Aug. 15, to Tuesday, Sept. 30. Despite the season dates, harvesters must first ensure the rice is ripe before launching their canoes, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Minnesota’s green rice law does not allow the harvesting of unripe rice, and the late spring means some rice stands may be slow to mature.

More than 1,200 lakes and rivers in 54 counties contain wild rice, with concentrations of rice being the highest in Aitkin, Cass, Crow Wing, Itasca and St. Louis counties.


Lakeville artist wins 2015 trout and salmon stamp contest

After finishing as runner up in the previous contest, Lakeville artist Stephen Hamrick has won the 2015 Minnesota Department of Natural Resources trout and salmon stamp contest with a painting of a brook trout. The painting was selected by judges from among five submissions for the annual contest.

Hamrick is no stranger to winning the contest – this is his fourth win. No other artist has won more than twice in the 34 years the contest has been held.


Gang Related Shootings in Minneapolis

Minneapolis Warehouse District

News came in this weekend about another gang related shooting in downtown Minneapolis. This time, the shooting at a nightclub took place at 400 Soundbar. MPR reported that the club owner was indefinitely shut down by the City of Minneapolis.


Featured Video: Left Lane Cruiser at Ambassadors Blues Fest in Saint Peter

Left Lane Cruiser, a modern blues and jam band, played at both Minnesota Square Park and the Flame Bar in Saint Peter, Minnesota over the summer. Cold, windy and rainy weather kept the participation lower than usual this year. There are normally thousands that gather in the park. August Schell and other local vendors sold goods to park festival-goers. See the below video for a glimpse of the park and the band.

Some Minnesota Tech Companies Lured Away to Silicon Valley

Dunwoody College of Technology Campus Minneapolis, Minnesota

Some tech companies in Minnesota get somewhat successful and find themselves moving to the San Fransisco Bay area of California known as Silicon Valley to grow or sell their companies amidst a large network of like-minded entrepreneurs and investors. As the Star Trib tells the story, many of these companies left because the culture of the Silicon Valley tech network is helpful and supportive, likely more so than the rigid and fragmented entrepreneurial landscape in Minnesota.


Will your wage increase with the new minimum wage increase? In other words, are you currently earning a minimum wage?

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Violinist Emily Saathoff Chosen as Concertmaster to Lead Mankato Symphony

Emily Saathoff

The Mankato Symphony Orchestra is delighted to announce that violinist Emily Saathoff has been selected as our new concertmaster after a statewide talent search. The concertmaster is a very important role. She is the first violinist who leads the orchestra; she decides how passages are played, tunes the orchestra at the beginning of a performance, and welcomes the conductor to the stage. The concertmaster plays all violin solos unless they are played by a guest artist. Saathoff was selected through a rigorous audition process and replaces longtime concertmaster Lydia Miller.


Mankato Hip Hop Artist Joey Bones Teams up with Bobby Faerber for New "Fingertips of God" Music Video

Mankato Hip Hop artist and known freestyler Joey Bones has teamed up with Bobby Faerber on the official music video for "Fingertips of God", a single by Bones.

Bones and Faerber shot the video in Mankato and scenes from the shoot are surreal and flow well with the overall vibe of the video. Hip hop's roots are in the streets, which was portrayed well in the video, with scenes of local people from local neighborhoods around Mankato and North Mankato.

Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Guardians of the Galaxy

We said they were crazy. We said that it could never happen. Yet here we are two years later and a movie based on the "Guardians of the Galaxy", Marvel's cosmic D-list heroes, exists. So how did Marvel, at the height of their success, take one daring step further and deliver a movie where a talking raccoon and tree seem right at home?

Simple: milk the Marvel formula for all it's worth and make the film as fluffy as possible. Some audiences clearly dig that; this is a case from the other side that sees all the so-called "fun" as misplaced priority if done wrong.



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