Sway Visits Minneapolis Again During SoundSet 2017 10th Anniversary

Sway's Universe, a show on Detroit-based rapper Eminem's satellite radio station Shade 45, visited Minneapolis once again for the SoundSet Festival on its 10th anniversary in 2017. Check out the videos from the event.


Featured Video: Derek Elvebak's 'Scotty the Receptionist'

Derek Elvebak, of Minneapolis, shares another humorous video from the archives on YouTube:

New Programming on KTV in Mankato

Students at KTV producing a TV show in Mankato

KTV has new program offerings for public television in the Mankato area. See what is new on the station.


Minneapolis Movies | A Short Film by Derek Elvebak Called Shared Space

Minnesota Filmmaker Derek Elvebak

While living in Prior Lake in 2012, Derek Elvebak created several YouTube videos, including this short film, Shared Space.

Featured Video: Peter Parker and Mista Maeham

Watch this local interview with Peter Parker and local street rapper from the Twin Cities, Mista Maeham.


New Prof Video for Gasoline Song Released

South Minneapolis Potterhorn neighborhood star rapper, Prof has released another independent music video for the song Gasoline. Prof is behind Stophouse Records, but is now signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment, a large independent record label based in Minnesota.


Wagon Wheel Cafe in Mankato to Continue 65-Year Legacy in Community

Wagon Wheel Cafe from YouTube Screenshot

It has now been confirmed by reports that Kevin Haefner, who recently underwent surgery, has sold the Wagon Wheel Cafe in Mankato with the condition that the business retains the historic name.


Local Emcee Joey Bones From Mankato Rocks the Mic at Fifth Element in Minneapolis

Video: Cheap Trick at Mankato Rib Fest 2015

Mankato is home to Rib Fest. In 2015, Cheap Trick, a popular band from the 1980s, performed at Rib Fest in Mankato. A concertgoer filmed one of the sets and released the video on YouTube a few months ago. The song is called "Ello Kiddies". The performance is dated August 7, 2015.

Tom Sommers uploaded the video and said the following:

"They just keep getting better! I don't know how they do it. They are the greatest American Rock Band, period!"

As of this posting, the video had a little more than 400 views on YouTube.


Thanksgiving Video Pick of the Week: Crash Cuddle Live at Whats Up via FuzzTalk

Crash Cuddle is Slanted Mag's Video Pick of the Week. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy this excellent music performed live at the What's Up Lounge in Mankato, Minnesota in 2013. Shout out to for the video production and local music promotion efforts!