Prince was Number 4 Internet Search on Google in 2016, 1 in Losses Category

Google Year in Search 2016

Google announced its top searches of the year this month for their "Year in Search 2016" report made public this week. The results show that Prince was the number four Google Internet search, only being beat by Pokemon Go, iPhone 7 and of course, Donald Trump.

David Bowie was also one of the most searched people globally online. According to the results, Bowie was the number 2 search among the Losses category in Google's report. Prince was first on that particular list. Oddly, Prince did not make the top ten under the Musicians category. The global report generates search data in a range of categories, which include general searches (all search data), Global News, People, Consumer Tech, Global Sporting Events, Losses (death of a person), Movies, Musicians and TV Shows. The Year in Search report also provided a video, highlighting the 2016 events that mattered to people using Google to search information online:

Another popular global search with a Minnesota connection was under the Global Sporting Events category. The Ryder Cup, which was held this past September in Chaska, Minnesota at Hazeltine National Golf Club, was among the top ten searches in that category. It ranked at number 10. The Ryder Cup is a big deal in professional golf, putting the best Americans against the best Europeans in a competition that alternates every two years in the United States then Europe. People from all over the world ascended upon the Twin Cities to spectate at the event. Volunteers even paid for their chance to work at the event. Many high rollers parked their expensive sports cars, SUVs and other luxury vehicles in the parking lot at Valley Fair in Shakopee.

Prince died in 2016 from an opioid overdose, stemming from the abuse of a drug called Fentanyl. Prince has a worldwide fanbase, like Michael Jackson, who also died from a drug overdose.

See some of the trends in the embedded lists from the Year in Search report below, including Prince's number 4 spot on the all searches list.

Among the listed categories of information, interesting notes were the searches for Donald & Melania Trump, Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton, iPhone 7, Deadpool, Brexit and Powerball. Google is able to offer fresh perspective for news media with this type of information. For instance, there is stark contrast between what political interests were in terms of Internet search by private citizens looking for information and the information provided by traditional media such as television, newspapers, magazines and the corporate branches that jut from those industries. It was definitely an anti-establishment year.

There are also breakout searches contained in the report, so you can view month by month and look at other types of data filters to gain further insights into Internet searches that were conducted on the search engine service.