Protesting the Pipeline

STANDING ROCK SIOUX RESERVATION, NORTH DAKOTA — The protest movement has grown strong in support of the Standing Rock Sioux and their land, protected by Treaty Rights with the United States Federal government. The election of Donald Trump who has fierce opposition in the U.S. combined with support from every Native American tribe in the nation and several pro clean water activists has created a situation worth taking to the President for a call to action. Energy Transfer Partners is illegally continuing construction after a federal order prohibiting continuation. Police have militarized and squared off with protestors, arresting and injuring many, working directly with the pipeline owners. Trump has an estimated $500,000-1,000,000 invested in the pipeline and his presidential campaign took donations from Energy Transfer Partners' interests.

Meanwhile, police brutality seems to be alleged again with a police force that continues to look like an armed occupying force, not necessarily there to protect anyone except powerful interests. The native people want clean water, as do water rights activists. "Water Is Life" is the mantra here. Since the police are not acting on intelligible information about the pipeline owners who are actually breaking federal law, shouldn't the president step in to do something? Isn't this akin to the moment when anti-Jim Crow law reactions and Brown v Board of Education were challenging the system? The national guard was sent in then, and it ought to be now in Standing Rock. Bill Maher also recently suggested this to the president on his show, Real Time with Bill Maher.

Police forces from Minnesota, Nebraska and several other states have been sending supplies and armored units to Standing Rock to support police action against protestors. According to this petition on, Governor Pete Ricketts sent 11 Nebraska State Troopers to North Dakota to assist against Native American people defending water and "sacred land".

"Governor Ricketts has no business sending publicly funded Nebraska employees to fight in another state - especially a fight against Native American rights," Joseph Hams of
Lincoln, Nebraska said in his petition. "Let's demand that he order the 11 Nebraska State Troopers back and stop interfering where he doesn't belong."

Another petition also calls out police militarization in the area. A Petition by Renee Roman Nose of Canastota, New York reads "Stop Militarized Response to Standing Rock Water Protectors" in the headline. It already has more than 100,000 supporters.

"Militarized police are macing peaceful men, women and children," Nose said. "Militarized police are rounding up protectors, charging them with trespassing, and subjecting them to strip search and overnight incarceration. This behavior is a flagrant abuse of civil liberties."