Protesting the Pipeline

Militarized police and their collusion with powerful oil interests, a call for the national guard and protection of historic treaties and water rights. Read more about protesting the pipeline.

North Dakota Protesters Petition After Dog Attacks, Sheriff Does Nothing

Have you been following the news about the brutal attacks on North Dakota protestors protesting the Keystone XL Pipeline project through sacred Native lands? The Sheriff in Morton County has refused to protect the protestors and now they want him out.


Andrew Zimmern Discusses Twin Cities Police Violence, Racism, Humanity on Sway in the Morning

Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern stopped by the Sway in the Morning radio show on Shade 45, a Sirius XM radio station owned by rap artist Eminem.

Prince Opioid Overdose Another Saga of Drug Debate in Music


Pop icon Prince has been all over the headlines, especially in the media in Minnesota, but countless magazines and newspapers have adorned their covers with his personna, paying homage to the cultural, secretly philanthropic and inspirational performer, who is now believed to have died of a drug overdose. The drug, fentanyl is stronger than heroin, and Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office released their report yesterday, according to reports.

Happy 420! Read These Great Pot Articles to Learn All About Cannabis

Drug War Times Website by LMP

Check out The Drug War Times articles that detail the news, history, politics, medical applications and scientific facts about marijuana.