Bethany Announces Speechless Film Festival Winners

speechless film festival winners announced

Bethany Lutheran College, who held their "Speechless Film Festival", an exhibition event that took place for the first time at the Mankato Event Center last year and was publicized by Slanted Magazine Southern Minnesota Arts & Culture, has announced the winners of the festival for 2014.

The international film festival is intended for film students and film professionals. It observes the art of telling stories in a visual way. Winners are as follows:

Professional Narrative Still, submitted by director William Lüof the Netherlands.


Big Net Giants Team Up To Make Government Report Snooping

Read Rob Lawson's report about how The Internet's largest U.S. companies, including Apple, Google, LinkedIn and others teamed up to make sure the government allows the companies to report their requests for private information. There are cavets. Read about them at Interpacket News


Homegrown Music Presents Phenom, T Ly, Mr. Nobody, Cannaholics


Police Officer Kills Firefighter With Gun After Fight

police shooting to kill and police brutality

A video surfaced on the web recently and was reported on by the watchdog site, Filming Cops that shows an altercation between a police officer and a firefighter in Kansas that turned deadly after the officer used a firearm on the firefighter and killed him.


Mankato Symphony News

Mankato, Minn—February 18, 2014—The Mankato Symphony Orchestra is pleased to

announce that award-winning pianist and psychiatrist Dr. Richard Kogan, M.D. will be

presenting a unique lecture and performing recital on Sergei Rachmaninoff. The performance is

titled “Deconstructing Rachmaninoff” and will take place Sunday, March 2, 2014 at 3 p.m. in the

Mankato West High School auditorium. This event will shed light on the depression and mental

breakdown Rachmaninoff experienced after the poor reception of his First Symphony, Op. 13.


Civil War Symposium in Mankato

Registration is open for the 3rd annual Civil War Symposium, “1864, This Mighty Scourge of War” which will be held on Saturday, March 15, 2014 from 9 am – 5 pm at the Summit Center, 518 So. 5th Street in Mankato.
This event includes presentations, costumed interpreters, storytelling and interactive exhibits, panel discussion, Civil War era music, books and authors, and more.


Cover Art Contest

Slanted Magazine Southern Minnesota Arts & Culture is holding its cover art contest. Submit your design to slantedcreations at gmail dot com to have your artwork featured on the Slanted Mag cover.


Nun Activist and Others Arrested for Defacing Nuclear Site

A nun and two other men were charged and sentenced to prison time for vandalizing a nuclear facility. Read more by Rob Lawson at the Guardian Liberty Voice


Slanted Mobile Now on Android Market, Now Just Waiting on Word from Apple and Windows Phone Store

HTML tutorial

A screenshot from the Slanted Mobile App on the Android OS for smartphones and tablets. There are still some kinks being worked out in Beta, and push notifications will be coming real soon.


Phenom Lights The Stage Up at What's Up Lounge in Mankato


Phenom, otherwise known as Brandon Pulphus, tore it up at the What's Up Lounge in late January for his Northern Versatility 2 release.

Phenom took the stage with homies from the Homegrown Crew in Kato, including T Ly, Mr. Nobody and the Cannaholics from the Twin Cities. View photos from the show at