FoodNiche Official Launch Announced: Social Network for All Things Food

FoodNiche is a social media network for all things food, according to a recent press release from the company that operates, which has previously been dubbed the "LinkedIn for food".

The site, which helps consumers connect to brands/restaurants, chefs, nutritionists and other experts, advocates and enthusiasts, lauched an invitation-only mode last year. The company says it is continuing to grow and emerging as a go-to source for a variety of food interests among a broad base of users. They look for all things food on the platform.

The platform engages with users through a very sleek design and set of user friendly navigation features. It takes the pain out of looking for a good meal plan. Users can get advice or recommendations from other users on the site, including those with expert knowledge in the category.

FoodNiche wants to make good quality food more accessible through this means of connection and networking on the platform. Food brands can connect with a large user base that is looking for recommendations, making FoodNiche a possibly lucrative business tool for use by brand marketing experts in the food industry. The platform's tagline is "food you'll relish". Brands and restaurants can also offer discounts and promotions.

FoodNiche's users have praise the site with testimonials such as the following:

“Being able to connect with different food interest groups and find all updates in my feed is completely priceless," Luisa Schetinger said. "Instead of searching different websites for content, I can now have all my food recommendations in one place, saving time especially on busy nights.”

Schetinger is a chef and active member of the FoodNiche community.

Other users are interested in shopping tips and finding great value to save their hard earned money on grocery shopping trips.

“I absolutely love connecting with people here," Tammie V. said. "Finding recipes from people I know along with coupons for grocery shopping will be an answered prayer for me, as I am always looking for ways to save on groceries. I look forward to the full rollout of all the features on”

Users on the site are able to customize their experience based on what they are looking for: connecting to friends for recipe ideas, finding health information or connecting to a restaurant or brand for promotions. This platform is the first to truly be able to cohesively and coherently connect the dots between these three groups seamlessly. Users with such a broad variety of interests but within a single overall niche is a useful service in more ways than one. The site is community driven and responds to demands from both consumers and businesses.

Tina Christoudias is dietitian and nutritional expert who uses the FoodNiche platform.

"I believe healthy eating groups like this are instrumental in promoting the message that eating real, whole foods should be a lifestyle and not a fad, Christoudias said. "This FoodnicheX community gives people practical tips to start incorporating healthier foods into their daily routine and provides the peer support as well. The great thing is, you get all of these from the comfort of your own home or office.”

The site can be found at