Getting Married in the Twin Cities and Need a Minneapolis Wedding Limo?

Minneapolis Wedding Limo

MINNEAPOLIS — If you live in the Twin Cities in Minnesota and you are getting married, you are probably looking for good wedding limousine provider in the metro area. Based on available knowledge and research online, one can find a plethora of different options for transportation. But there are many options to consider. There are about three top competitors in the area that really do it well. One that really stands out as one that pays attention to detail and offers a great deal of customization, in operation since 1993, is Renee's Royal Valet - Limos, Coaches & Trolleys.

Why not get married in style? Of course you want safety, comfort and professionalism in your package as well. RRV in Minneapolis can put together something just for you with those three basic requirements at the top of priority at all times. The current owner of the business has been building a solid brand for nearly two decades now, building his company's amazing fleet and providing year-round service to his growing list of clients and customers. As his blog clearly states in one recent post about Twin Cities weddings, the company has long been in the business of love.

What makes RRV so unique, other than the fact that they are one of just a few transportation services that includes a fleet of street cars (dubbed the Green Dublin), is that they take experience marketing to a whole new level. The company invests in the experience, not just the bells and whistles. Of course, they have an amazing fleet of vehicles that encompass limousines, coach buses and the retro style trolleys in the Twin Cities but they really put forth an effort to conquer the experience for the customers, to leave them with lasting memories with their loved ones. For a Minneapolis wedding limo service, this is paramount to continued success year over year.

The limos can be Hummer or other styles of SUVs or you can get the traditional luxury Lincoln stretch limos if you prefer. There are various styles with lots of entertainment available in the passenger portions of these vehicles. If you are looking for intimate romance with your new spouse with the right lighting, comfortable seating and elegance that will put you in the mood, RRV has what it takes. Also, they can help coordinate and accommodate travel options for your guests, such as friends and family coming to visit either from the airport or other places and they want to travel as a group in the Minneapolis area without a bunch of cars through traffic.

Onsite shuttle and transportation is also a great way RRV helps families and wedding planners as a premium wedding vendor in the Twin Cities. The trolleys make for fun and lively experiences and limos are great for luxury. Coaches are also very popular with group travel and transportation in the metro for weddings. Guests can be shuttled from one location to another very efficiently with a professional driver.

RRV also offers very interesting tours, such as brewery and winery tours. There are many customizable options available and the company works with their customers directly on their planning and coordination for their custom Minneapolis wedding limo transportation.