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Place an ad in our local Mankato area magazine or our sister publication, the Mankato Gazette, a local newspaper. Slanted Mag has consolidated all its ads under a multi-format local solution for publishing premium advertising content in Southern Minnesota, Twin Cities and Mankato, Minnesota. Slanted Magazine Southern Minnesota Arts & Culture is part of Lawson Media & Publishing, owned and operated by Robert Lawson, a media specialist and publisher who has extensive experience in SEO, social media, copywriting, journalism, publishing, marketing, design, web/mobile development and ecommerce. Lawson is also former manager of the Mankato Event Center. LMP's other publications, websites, and apps include The Paper of Southern Minnesota, Downtown Rochester News, Owatonna Chronicle, Austin-Albert Lea Record, Twin Cities Gazette, Small Biz Gazette, SmallBiz-SEO, ZoomVillage, Freelance Poole, The Drug War Times, Independent Forum Review, eSellerSocial and others. These include web/mobile optimized sites, email and online newsletters, social media pages, digital tools/technology, print media and multimedia.
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Slanted Mag has updated its advertising platform and now offers a more intuitive, user driven and small business friendly system with more local features and key insights than ever before. Slanted Mag or The Paper can help grow your business and enhance your brand in the following ways.

How Slanted Mag Advertising Works

1. Build brand awareness with vibrant content in a community driven local magazine in Southern Minnesota, Mankato and the Twin Cities

2. Engage more with an audience that can advocate your products/services based on interests, leveraging social media influence locally

3. Connect with a community that has a need for your products/services

4. Utilize both traditional and modern technologies for publishing advertising/marketing content

5. Tell the story of your business/brand throughout a cohesive user experience consistent from end to end

6. Avoid interruptions to user experience and favor integrations to it

Slanted Mag and The Paper advertising packages benefits:

Why Slanted Mag Advertising Works

1. Print ads are now interactive with mobile devices to scan ads or callouts that link to rich media content such as sponsored articles on Slanted Mag, The Paper, Mankato Gazette, etc. or audio/video content including YouTube videos or Slanted Mag produced videos. Scanned print ads can also lead to custom landing pages delivered by LMP or one of its affiliate partners. They can also be programmed to land on a coupon, special offer or loyalty card system.

2. There are better ad formats now. In addition to web, print and social media advertising in Mankato, Twin Cities or Southern Minnesota, Slanted Mag/The Paper also offer ads in a growing WiFi network. Market your services to mobile Internet users in Minnesota through our WiFi advertising network, included with each plan. Other premium plans include access to your own WiFi network box solution to generate leads, engage with customers on location or via social media with a social powered WiFi setup. With your own box, your business can lease ad space to other local businesses/organizations and collect a percentage of the profit, helping monetize your existing Internet source.

3. Packages in our media kit are now simplified with options based on budget and tailor fit to meet the needs of business by industry and data sets. Pick the plan that best suits the need of your budget and business needs in Mankato, Twin Cities and Southern Minnesota with Slanted Mag or The Paper digital/print advertising/marketing.

4. Digital ISSUUs keep getting better with more updates to the digital platform for magazines. Ads can be "clipped" from a page and shared on social media and linked to a specific page. This can be done with sponsored content as well.

5. Loyalty system options. Get rid of those printed loyalty cards and replace them with a digital system that works. Premium advertisers can opt for a total loyalty advertising and marketing solution that includes technology for tracking.

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